“The coaching relationship requires a deep level of trust and commitment on both sides. It is demanding, but the possibilities it opens up are immense.” Nikki Armytage

nikki1Nikki Armytage is a Certified, Professional Co-Active Life and Leadership Coach (CPCC) trained by the internationally recognised Coaches Training Institute, one of the few coach training schools to be accredited by the International Coaches Federation (ICF). Nikki has trained as a leadership coach and in the personal development field for the past six years. She collaborates with leading international coaches and therapists in CoActive coaching, mindfulness techniques, and cognitive behavioural therapy to bring the latest in personal development. She only works with a small number of clients, ensuring a high level support that enables them to move swiftly through the coaching and get what they came for – and so much more.

Nikki is also the founder of Electric Woman, a resource for ambitious women who are seeking personal fulfilment and freedom. Electric Women are fearless, inspiring and happy in their lives – all qualities that Nikki sets for her private coaching clients. Nikki’s mission with Electric Woman is to reduce the pressures, perfectionism and self-induced anxiety that exist for modern women and have them balance life with work and celebrating their successes. There will be Electric Woman retreats and events coming soon, contact Nikki for more information.

Nikki’s background is eight years at senior management level in London’s top media agencies. She understands the pressures and highly stressful environments in which we operate and how looking for external recognition is short-lived. Her coaching therefore specialises in improving your relationship with yourself and discovering what makes you unique – to reveal your purpose, passions and ultimate fulfilment.

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