“The work is
empowering and
“Dreams start to feel within
reach and everything
becomes a possibility”
“Your life will be transformed and the
possibilities are endless”

“On this intensive coaching programme, I have seen amazing results in my outlook, my inner strength, my productivity levels, my ability to think and work bigger and to help others to do the same. In the last 12 weeks, I have started pre-production for a charity film for the Hope Child Africa charity, shooting in Kenya (I am travelling there in two weeks), for a Spanish short film which I have written, crewed up and cast, shooting in January, and a £1million business model for a unique idea I have for the entertainment industry. I have also made several groups of new friends who support my endeavours and am having a lot fun dating; meeting some really lovely men and thinking differently about my relationships. Life is more abundant, I feel more open and I’m attracting all the things I want”. Freya Berry, Actress and Entrepreneur.

“I am into my fourth month of coaching with Nikki and I have seen significant changes in my leadership style and in my approach to life more generally. I am braver, more confident, less stressed and happier. I have achieved goals that I never even had on my list, and even better I have helped other people achieve theirs. I feel like I am doing my best everyday and because of this I sleep well every night. So thanks Nikki, you have changed my life!” Kirsten Edwards-Warren, Senior Vice President

“I highly recommend her as a coach for women in particular who want to achieve “peak performance” in their lives and careers” Deborah Saunders, Management Consultant

“Nikki’s passion for this work is contagious, I immediately felt inspired and motivated. What really struck me was how she managed to combine impeccable professionalism and coaching technique to a personal, human approach. My life has changed so much, on so many areas and aspects that I know I could never have managed to achieve all this without the support and guidance of a great coach. Nikki has a way to speak to your deepest self that just makes it natural to integrate and put into practice her advice; you will start seeing miracles happen in your life, and before you know it what used to be your dreams and wishes will become your reality. I would recommend Nikki to anyone that is truly looking for positive change in their lives.’ Valentina Grossi, Fashion Designer

‘I wished to drive my business in a new direction and felt suffocated by the amount of options and choices available, I knew that I wasn’t being as efficient as I could be and my motivation was beginning to wane. Working with Nikki has not only helped me to set clear, achievable and profitable targets she has helped me drive greater efficiencies from my business. I have changed the structure of my day and achieve not only business but personal tasks and goals in half the time as I did before. I have a renewed sense of passion and enthusiasm about the new direction that the business is taking rather than feeling overwhelmed I am enjoying my work every day’. Annalie York, Managing Director, Incasa Consulting Limited

“Her approach is clear and calculated, confronting yet calm, I felt invigorated and motivated.” Jamie Robertson, Architect

‘Six months into the coaching, I feel like another person – hopeful, excited, strong, confident, and ready to take anything on. I honestly don’t think ten years of conventional therapy would have been this helpful. At the moment, another thrilling project is going into production with Nikki’s support and I feel more empowered as an artist than I have ever been. What she has given me, however, is so much more than I can put into words. If you choose to work with her, you will take charge of your career and your life in countless ways. You will become more optimistic and in turn, opportunities will open up. At some point, you will even be scripting and directing your own life. Dreams start to feel within reach and everything becomes a possibility. The work is mind-blowing, empowering, and eternally rewarding. Nikki feels like a friend I want to share my greatest triumphs with and I am forever indebted to her for her kindness, wisdom, and unconditional support. I would recommend Nikki to anyone who is dedicated and willing to put the work in. With Nikki’s help, your life will be transformed and the possibilities are endless’. MKL, Screenwriter & Film maker

“When I first met with Nikki, I was feeling stagnant in a career that wasn’t fulfilling me, which was causing unhappiness to trickle into other aspects of my life.  She worked with me in such a nurturing, supportive, and empowering way that over the course of 3 months I felt I had a better understanding of myself, my aspirations, and perhaps most importantly how to take action.  Within the fourth month, I landed a new job which gives me the challenges and personal growth I was looking for.  Beyond this, I have a new understanding for myself and my purpose, which allows me to see others with the same understanding.  Instead of feeling stuck under a dark cloud of unhappiness, I am emboldened with actions and progress – and now THIS is spilling over into other aspects of my life.  I still find it hard to believe I am starting this next chapter in my life just as I wanted!’ Cara Kuhl, Writer

‘I realised how intense the journey would be – a little daunting but exhilarating too as you begin to unlock your true potential. I really look forward to my life coaching sessions with Nikki– she offers support, encouragement, insight, objectivity, tools, inspiration and guidance all in a trusted and non-judgemental environment. With Nikki I always feel like I’m on the receiving end of the cutting edge of life coaching – which is cool and exciting. I have achieved massive change and growth in my life both professionally and personally with Nikki’s help and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting a fast track to success in their life’. MT, Creative Entrepreneur

“One of the best investments I’ve ever made.The progress and achievements I have experienced since we started working together have been outstanding and I feel with Nikki’s continual support this is only the beginning. What makes Nikki unique is her deeply intuitive and creative approach and the passion she demonstrates in really bringing out the best in you. She approaches the coaching relationship with great care and detail and there is a sense that she deeply values the work she does and you as an individual.I always leave the sessions inspired, connected and energised.” Beth Reacher, Owner of The Career Stylist

“I have felt safe to dare to be open, ambitious and expansive in , and away from, my sessions. And most of all I am amazed. If this is what this method can achieve in 3 months, just think what we  have the power to do in a lifetime! Just thinking about it makes me so happy and dying to get out there and start creating my big plans.” Clare Murphy, Entrepreneur

“Through coaching with Nikki, I started to rebuild my entire life after my divorce by setting new goals and looking at new skills and talents which I wasn’t aware I had! I felt a dramatic improvement within months as my esteem was improved in so many ways. Coaching provided a very clear perspective to all my issues with focus and made me change the way I was thinking so I became more positive. And also I gained huge confidence through digging out my new talents and skills. Nikki took me out of my comfort zone and yet at the same time it relaxed me as I carefully reflected on my issues with clear direction. I have rapidly recovered – within 6 months. I would highly recommend it to anyone.” Emilia Benevides, Accountant

“I hired Nikki as my coach in late 2010. Her uplifting,warm and intuitive nature always has me leaving feeling highly inspired and able to move forward with confidence. I would recommend Nikki to anyone who wants a coach who operates from a very high level of integrity, trust, with productive and creative results.” Madeline Wober, Life Coach

“Even when problems seem insurmountable, Nikki has a calm approach to unravelling them and finding a way through, when my marriage ended, I was the lowest I could possibly be. Regular coaching has rebuilt my confidence and made me realise the life ahead was infinitely better than the life I had before.” EH, Consultant

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