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“A Leadership Coaching programme providing focus and inspiration for successful business women.”

The Life Stylist: Life coaching in London and Los Angeles
nikki1Nikki Armytage: “Coaching is not just a collection of techniques. It’s a form of relationship that’s both confidential and life-changing.”

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Life and Leadership Coaching Services

Nikki is a life and leadership coach offering a dedicated coaching programme for successful business women. Her clients are in the UK, Europe and in the US. Currently she travels between London and Los Angeles and coaches in both locations – in person and on Skype.

“I coach ambitious women who wish to identify – and live in – their full power; who want to remove their fears and build a picture of a life they truly want. This coaching is intense and creates transformative results and it is important to me to build strong connections with each client I work with – this is paramount to the success of the coaching.”

Her past work has delivered results that speak for themselves: ‘Nikki will bring out the essence of who you are, helping you to get clear on what you want. This level of self-awareness has grounded me and helped me connect to my power. This is transforming my world. And those around me have seen the impact.’

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